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Our Goal:

Save Lives

For centuries, rabies has caused untold pain, suffering and death. But it can be defeated, and we can be the generation to eliminate rabies for good. The World Health Organization has pledged to end human rabies deaths by 2030, so let's act together to make this hope a reality.

We can stop children dying from this entirely preventable disease, and let them dream for their future. We can protect the countless thousands of dogs that die from rabies each year, or are harmed as a result of fear from this terrible disease, so they can live happy lives as part of our communities. Together, we can make this the Final Rabies Generation.

Saving Lives

The Key Components


The road to a rabies free world

99% of human rabies cases come from dogs. To stop the spread of rabies we need to stop dogs catching it in the first place. If the dogs do not get rabies, they can't pass it on to people, stopping the disease in its tracks.

Our vaccination programmes aim for 70% vaccination rate in rabies hotspots ever year to achieve herd immunity, keeping dogs and people safe from this deadly disease. Our teams combine many approaches to achieve this including mass vaccination drives, door to door visits and regular clinics.


Not a one size fits all approach

Rabies affects millions of people worldwide, and in every location, there are different challenges that must be considered. Success relies on adapting our plans to fit the communities and locations we are working within, this means understanding the relationships between people and dogs and knowing how best to engage the local community. Surveillance work is the very first thing we do, and it runs throughout our campaigns, from providing hotlines for people to report rabid dog sightings to tracking vaccination levels in the Mission Rabies app.


A lesson in survival

In countries where rabies is endemic, one of the most valuable lessons someone can learn is how to spot the signs of rabies. It could be the difference between life and death. That is why in every place we visit we run education programmes in schools and in the local community. In Malawi and Goa, India, the Rabies Protection lessons provided by Mission Rabies are now part of the curriculum, placing our vital educational messages in front of over 17 million children every single year. One day children will live without the threat of rabies, but until then we will do all we can to keep them safe.

We don't stop there.

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Mission Rabies

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