We're calling time on rabies


For centuries, rabies has caused untold pain, suffering and death. But it can be defeated, and we can be the generation to eliminate rabies for good. The World Health Organization has pledged to end human rabies deaths by 2030, so let's act together to make this hope a reality.

We can stop children dying from this entirely preventable disease, and let them dream for their future. We can protect the countless thousands of dogs that die from rabies each year, or are harmed as a result of fear from this terrible disease, so they can live happy lives as part of our communities.

Together, we can make this the Final Rabies Generation.

What is the Final Rabies Generation?

We all are! If you’re living with the constant threat of rabies, you can be the final generation that must experience this fear. For those who live in countries where rabies has already been eliminated, you can be a generation changer and help rid the world of this deadly disease once and for all.

However you play your part, we can all be the Final Rabies Generation.

Final Rabies Generation

Rabies: Deadly. Preventable. Beatable.

Someone dies from rabies every nine minutes, often in isolation, hidden from the world. Because of this isolation, no-one talks about rabies, and the disease isn't widely understood – although it is widely feared.

But here's the thing. Rabies can be defeated. Find out more about the disease, how it tragically impacts thousands worldwide every year, and how you can be a part of ending its reign forever.

How Mission Rabies is tackling the world's deadliest disease

While rabies is amongst the most deadly of diseases, both for humans and dogs, it is entirely preventable.

Mission Rabies works in rabies hotspots, across Africa and Asia, to combat the disease directly at its source. With 99% of rabies cases being caused by an infected dog bite, we follow WHO guidelines to deliver mass canine vaccination programmes; building herd immunity in any given canine population – stopping the disease in its tracks.

Lack of knowledge is a key reason why people die from rabies, so alongside our vaccination work, Mission Rabies runs lifesaving education programmes. With 40% of rabies cases occurring in children under 15, it is essential that those most at risk are taught how to avoid dog bites, and the critical steps to take if they are bitten.

This, on top of 24-hour rabies surveillance, integrated bite case management (IBCM), our bespoke App and cutting-edge scientific research means Mission Rabies is at the forefront of tackling rabies worldwide.

Final Rabies Generation

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