What is Rabies?

The deadliest disease you know nothing about

The deadliest disease you know nothing about

Rabies. Maybe you've heard of it?

Maybe the word conjures up images of snarling dogs, ominous bats and foaming at the mouth?

But what do you really know about rabies?

Feared for generations

Before the world feared leprosy, polio and even smallpox, the world feared rabies. First documented in 4BC, it's a 2024-year history of pain, suffering and death.

But it's all led here, to the Final Rabies Generation.

Feared for generations
Rabies in culture

Rabies in culture

Horror movies: they're millions of people's reality.

You may think of rabies as a mystical plague, bringing madness and despair to fictional characters. This is hardly surprising given that rabies has been portrayed in this way in films for years.

But none of these films really show the true horror of rabies.

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