The lesson they can't survive without

You have probably heard a lot of people complaining that we don't learn useful lessons in school. That instead of learning about rock formations, Pythagoras and Shakespeare we should be learning about taxes and how to apply for mortgages.

No matter how you feel about what we should and shouldn't learn at school, it is true that some lessons have a far bigger impact than others.

In countries like India and Malawi there is one lesson that is more important than any other.

Rabies Prevention.

Unless you live in a country with the ever-present threat of rabies, it may be hard to understand why this lesson is so important, but for children in rabies hotspots it is the lesson that will save their life.

A child dies from rabies every 22 minutes. 40% of rabies deaths are children under the age of 15.

Mission Rabies is working on the ground, in the schools and in the streets to change this.

The lesson they can't survive without

99% of human rabies cases come from dog bites.

The sad truth is the reason children are more likely to die from rabies is because they behave as any child would. They build a bond with the pet dog they love and they want to show affection to a dog in the street, a dog that is just as much a victim as they are. But if they don't know how to tell when a dog has rabies it could cost their life.

Mission Rabies' Rabies Prevention lessons teach children five key messages:

  • Rabies is serious – how the rabies virus is transmitted and what it does to the body
  • How to be safe around dogs – understanding dog behaviour and knowing the warning signs to being bitten
  • First Aid – life-saving steps to avoid a rabies infection if they, or someone they know has been bitten
  • Community protection - understanding why vaccinating dogs helps prevent rabies and how to encourage their community to take action
  • Dog population control – promoting humane dog population control by encouraging owners and authorities to neuter dogs

These lessons are designed to be engaging and memorable and are run by education officers from the country. So far Mission Rabies has reached over three million children with these life-saving messages, empowering them with the knowledge they need to protect themselves.

Education is just one part of the solution to rabies. Mission Rabies runs canine vaccination and surveillance campaigns that in time will rid an area of rabies. But in the meantime, lives are still at risk.By reaching children in schools we can empower them to protect themselves until the threat of rabies is gone.

Children shouldn't have to fear their pet, or run away from a dog on the street. These lessons ensure they can live happily with pets and strays, until rabies is no longer a threat.

Rabies Prevention is the most important lesson these children will ever learn. But it shouldn't be.

There is so much more these children could be learning, futures they could be building, instead of having to learn these lessons just to survive.

Make this the Final Generation to have to change their behaviour to avoid a disease that can be prevented.

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