Together we are stronger

One of the most important lessons you learn in life is knowing when to ask for help. No matter what challenge you are facing, there will be someone who has the experience and knowledge you need to get past it.

Eliminating rabies is no different.

Mission Rabies is not working alone, and that makes us stronger.

Rabies has destroyed lives, torn families apart and turned innocent dogs into objects of fear for thousands of years. Beating it requires an army, and that is exactly what we have.

An army of scientists, veterinarians, volunteers and supporters who are determined to make this the Final Rabies Generation.

We all have the same goal, and together we can achieve far more than we can alone.

Together we are stronger
Together we are stronger

Rabies is only one disease, but how it affects communities is different from place to place. That is why it is so important to work with local organisations in every area we go to. These organisations provide knowledge about the local area and help build connections and trust within communities. In return, Mission Rabies provides expertise and training to these organisations to not only stop rabies in the area now, but also ensure there is a sustainable long-term plan in place to keep it from coming back.

Our campaigns are supported by local animal welfare organisations around the world that know that vaccinating dogs is the best way to protect people and dogs from rabies, and ensuring dogs are not mistreated or feared, when they are just victims themselves. Often in areas where rabies is a threat there are many other welfare concerns for canine populations. This is why we work closely with Dogs Trust Worldwide, our sister charity Worldwide Veterinary Service and other animal welfare charities to ensure they receive the ongoing care they deserve for anything they face.

There are far too many organisations that deserve thanks for the expertise and support they give to eliminating rabies. In partnership with them, we will make this the Final Rabies Generation.

Our partners: Dogs Trust Worldwide, WVS, Davies Veterinary Specialists, Covetrus, BSAVA, Commonwealth Veterinary Association, WSAVA, CDC, University of Edinburgh, Technik Technology, WTG, Pet Air, Mayhew International, BCF Technology, Centaur Services, AGM Telematics, AST, Daray Medical, Medimark Scientific, MSD Animal Health, Starleaf, University of Bristol, W&H, International Animal Rescue, IPAN, Indian Veterinary Association, AWBI, APCRI, VSPCA, Vets for Animals, tiffinbox and IVSA, Mbwa wa Africa, Animal Rescue Cambodia, Phnom Penh Animal Welfare Society, Dogstar Foundation, Blantyre SPCA

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