Paving the way for the Yellow Army

Have you ever been at an event where someone turns up completely unannounced? It can be a pretty awkward moment for all sides and rarely leads to a warm welcome.

That is why when Mission Rabies begins work in a new area the first thing it does is reach out to the community.

Rabies can only be stopped when everyone works together, that is why community involvement is so important. Before our Yellow Army of vets, dog catchers and volunteers arrive, before any vaccinations take place, we need to make sure the community is on board, knows what to expect and is ready to get involved.

By working with communities, we empower them to help themselves.

The approach varies region by region, but uses a combination of radio, print advertisements and billboards to tell people that the Yellow Army is coming, and what to expect. It is vital as many people as possible know what they need to do to get their dogs vaccinated.

Paving the way for the Yellow Army
Mission Rabies team

In many areas threatened by rabies, dogs are free roaming, either as street dogs or as pets, so it is important owners know when they need to have their pets ready to be vaccinated.

In some locations our teams will travel door to door, in others there will be a set location for people to visit, and the only way vaccination drives can be successful is if as many people as possible know what they need to do and get involved. The Yellow Army will also catch and vaccinate as many stray dogs as possible and information from the community is vital in making sure this is a success.

Once enough dogs in an area are vaccinated herd immunity can develop, stopping the disease from being passed on and protecting the lives of dogs and people.

Working together, we will make this the Final Rabies Generation.

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