A life beyond rabies

Protecting dogs against rabies with a vaccine is just the first step.

Alongside our mass vaccination programmes, we champion and deliver humane animal population control. By neutering and spaying dogs and cats we can reduce overpopulation and alleviate all the suffering that comes with it. Everything from the transmission of disease to the shortage of food and shelter.

Why? Because the rabies virus thrives in areas where there are dynamic dog populations. High rates of births and deaths mean we're constantly losing vaccinated dogs and unvaccinated puppies are quickly taking their place. With fewer vaccinated dogs in an area to maintain herd immunity, there's a greater risk of a disease outbreak.

That's why we strive for a high vaccination coverage – 70% of the dog population – and work with our sister charity Worldwide Veterinary Service to create healthier and more stable dog populations.

A life beyond rabies
A life beyond rabies

How? With the Mission Rabies Truck, also known as "The Truck of Power", of course.

After our teams sweep through hotspots in India, vaccinating as many dogs as possible, our all-terrain, entirely self-sufficient, mobile veterinary hospital comes along. Aboard are a team of experts equipped with everything they need to perform surgeries, run mass sterilisation campaigns and provide hands-on surgical training out in the field. The courses give local vets and students the essential skills to humanely manage street dog populations and improve the animal welfare situation within their own far-out communities.

The truck is capable of all this, and so much more. Most importantly, the truck allows us to build communities for animal welfare wherever we go. It helps us demonstrate to local vets and pet owners that they can and should do more to help their animals and ultimately, help themselves. With them behind us and the animal populations under control, the future for combating rabies is bright.

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